US Music is shutting down Parker USA.

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  1. sahhas

    sahhas Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2007
    Imaginary land....
    i have read every interview i could find on ken parker, he is an interesting builder, i think he set out to solve some of the problems of the electric guitar and did so with his fly.
    but as stated i think so many are trapped in the sound of the 50s or 60s. as stated guitarists are a conservative bunch. i think ned steinberger said that also, hence his first steinberger
    was a bass. i believe ken stated as to the design of the original parker fly (headstock and body) that he sort of drew a line in the sand and went with what he came up with at the time.
    i still think his composite materials are a unique development past what ned steinberger was doing 10 years earlier-the complaint of "where's the wood tone?" and in ken's guitar the wood is
    the core of the sound. i don't think any argument will change anyone's view of them (hate the headstock, hate the body horn/shape, hate the composite materials, and on and on). i think
    the thing i appreciate is that Ken took a chance and tried to push things and was successful for a small co. i just don't think he could compete with fender/gibson/ibanez, etc...
    like i said, my friend's original parker fly classic through my old set up of a rat pedal, delay and my old 50 watt amp, the sound was heaven i thought.....
    i remember thinking that if the below picture had somehow developed into some different relationship, and a certain guitarist ditched his guitar of the time and went with this, maybe
    the history of parker would be different:
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  2. jads57

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Ihave owned 2 1996 Parker Fly Classics. Stupidly sold the first one! My only complaint it's too easy to play,LOL!
  3. ieso

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    Mar 31, 2007
    Central MA
    I have a 2001 NiteFly .... just an amazing guitar in every conceivable way. I'm wondering if I should buy another to cannibalize for parts in case something goes wrong with my original.
  4. MKB

    MKB Silver Supporting Member

    Mar 11, 2009
    This is really sad, but one thing Parker did (either the current or original owners) was to price the classic original one completely out of the range of semi-pro players like myself. I'd like nothing more than buying one like the Adrian Belew model with the Roland GR interface, but those are so incredibly expensive. I do not recall the early composite ones being that horribly expensive in Parker's early years. For that amount of money, I'd far rather get something sweet like a Gibson Custom Shop hollowbody.

    I'm not really interested in one if it has the standard wood body, only the high end composite ones. I've played a few and liked them immensely, especially the weight since I have back issues.

    One cool story about the Parker is how it saved the career of Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad fame; apparently he had back issues so bad that he was told by his doctor he couldn't play any more, but the light weight of the Parker was approved by his doctor and he was able to continue playing live if he used a Parker.
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  5. Jon Silberman

    Jon Silberman 10Q Jerry & Dickey Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    Northern VA
    I owned a Parker for a year or so. Sold it because I didn't care for the overall feel or neck and the electric sounds were merely adequate to me. Recently, in the midst of some intermittently recurring back issues, I borrowed a friend's Fly to re-try. Alas, for me at least, nothing had changed over the years. P.S. If you want to know an also innovative and light design I like more, it's Malinoski.
  6. bluegrif

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    Jan 1, 2004
    Southern Oregon
    I've thought of trying a Fly. Some of the innovative features seem to have genuine utility.
    Thanks for mentioning the Malinoski guitars. Some of those are very cool! Doubtful I'll get ahead enough to spend for one any time soon, but nice to know they're out there. I'm one of those artists who prefers to stand out which is why I designed and built my own back in the 90s.
  7. DR5Guy

    DR5Guy Member

    May 10, 2010
    I agree 100%. I always wanted one, but the price combined with the 1 year warranty was a real deal breaker. $4000+ price tag + 1 year warranty + a lot of proprietary parts = bad idea.
  8. SonOfGrace

    SonOfGrace Member

    Oct 31, 2010
  9. drbob1

    drbob1 Silver Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2004
    I've owned 3 over the years:
    1. A stoptail Deluxe in the mid-90s. I just didn't like the sound of the pickups. I actually had them rewound by Seymour Duncan as Pearly Gates, and they still didn't sound great in that guitar. So I gave it away and bought...

    2. An SSH Nightfly. Took out the DiMarzios and installed a pair of Cool Rails and a Seth Lover. That guitar has played outdoor gigs in cold and hot, been my grab and go guitar for nearly 2 decades and it still sounds great, plays super easy and stays in tune forever. I added an active preamp with 40 dB of gain and some EQ, so it's a little more flexible than the Deluxe electronics and sounds better.

    3. Recently picked up a refined Fly Deluxe with the trem, that had been badly abused-piezo doesn't work, pots are barely hanging on, chips in the paint. But it plays really well still. Not sure if I'm going to fix it, or just get it working OK. Still not a huge fan of the DiMarzio pickups, I might have to try some others. Mechanically, though, they've all been rock solid!
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  10. PiRaSSiC

    PiRaSSiC Member

    Aug 12, 2015
    drbob1 try and bypass the active preamp on the deluxe. it should fix your "problem" with the dimarzios.
  11. tptb73

    tptb73 Member

    Aug 7, 2013
    Can't believe no one mentioned my favorite guitar of all time...the Fly Mojo Singlecut. Sounds fatter and warmer, has SD pups, and no horn. No piezo, but that's not important to me

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