USA Anthem played by guitarist before AFC Championship game


Hated it.

UPDATE: That version was way better than the regional one that was posted. Still not sporting wood about it though. That was ok.
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It was a solid performance. I used to run arena shows for minor and major league hockey for over a decade, so booking and auditioning anthem talent was part of my job. My brother played a shred version of it prior to a game in the late 90's in our hometown of Cinci, OH. It was as rock as you could get, and at rehearsal, everyone around loved it. As soon as the purists hit the barn, and we went live prior to puck drop, he got a very 'mixed' reaction. Sweep picking was apparently an 'affront' to our nation in the late 90's - go figure.

As someone who has had to listen to the NA live over 1,500 times = and in terms of quality. . . 'varied', this was not bad at all. Yes, some people will not like ANY interpretation or added inflection that some people do, but it could have gone south. . . it did not.

I would expect nothing short of a polarizing response here. . . or there. Its is what it is. All I really card about at the time was that it was over in under 1:45, so I wouldn't get my you know what slapped for interfering with commercial breaks.

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