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USA Anthem played by guitarist before AFC Championship game


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Updated as the actual video was posted from this evening's performance:

I enjoyed it - is it derivative? Yes - but, still enjoyable and he is a youngster out there exposing the world to guitar playing
No way I'm going to rag on some kid doing his best, so I'll just say I liked it no better or worse than what I've seen from dozens of big names who seem to be unwilling or unable to just render it straight.


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Taz is a great player with a great touch, tone and finesse. He’s a young guy to watch and encourage. I saw Taz play with some stellar older musicians at Colonel Bruce Hampton’s 70th birthday celebration at the Fox theater here in Atlanta and he more than held his own. Bruce called him out to solo and promptly fell over dead at Taz’s feet, no
joke. That had to freak the kid out. Anyway, expecting great things from this kid.
HOLY EVERLOVING CRAP! I just looked this up. How did I never hear about this? What a horrible horrible thing!


Sounded okay to me. I could have done without the shred lick at the end, but it was otherwise a decent interpretation of the song for that setting. I've heard much much worse.
some of the comments in this thread are EXACTLY why rock and metal is dead. there is zero incentive for young people to play it. and when they do play it, they get mocked by angry old irrelevant boomer screamers.
Ha, ya really.

Those people would rather see Cardi B rap the national anthem??
Now now, I'm a boomer and I loved it. Let's keep assumptions and prejudices out of this.

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