Sold USA Fender Strat upgraded w/USACG Slim Roasted Maple Neck


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For sale is an American Fender Standard Stratocaster in Sunburst finish and all original (body) parts plus an upgrade to a Quarter-Sawn Roasted Maple Neck from USA Custom Guitars with a (very) slim C profile.

The Slim C neck from USA CG feels almost like a wizard profile, but with slightly more rounded shoulders. If you find the standard American neck too beefy, you need to try this. (But if you like thick necks, I'd skip this one!) The roasting process, other than looking rather cool, lends additional stability to this slender neck. There's a Fender decal and nitro finish on the front of the head stock. Full specs: quarter-sawn roasted maple, 1 5/8 nut, 9.5 radius, 22 frets, 6100 fret size, bone nut, vintage tuners, nitro on head stock.

The USA Fender body is probably alder, since the total weight of the guitar is a very comfortable 7.5 lbs, with typical American standard features. It's a tri-tone burst, and the lightest shade of the burst on the body matches the colors of the fret board very nicely, from a visual point of view. Combined with the roasted maple neck, you get a bright, chimey, quacky and articulate Fender sound.

The guitar is in very nice condition overall! See photos. The only area of maintenance worth mentioning is on the heel of the body, right behind the neck, as I've tried to document with a close-up. Some paint had chipped of to expose the wood, so I had that front heel professionally re-finished. In the right light, you can see a faint arch in the finish, where the chip line was. There are 2-3 hairline scratches in the repair finish and a tiny chip at the base where body meets neck that you can spot if you examine the photo closely. These are purely cosmetic, and have no effect of the integrity of the guitar. You might not even notice this at all if you picked up the guitar, so this is just for full disclosure.

The guitar comes with a Fender tweed hard shell case. No trades, please. Price firm at: $600 PPG PLUS SHIPPING.


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