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USA Strat '2000 already some signs of Relic?


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The amount of wear on genuine relics indicates, to me, that they have been played a LOT in circumstances of dirt and weather that most players around here would avoid, but I don't know.

If a modern guitar is subjected to even heavy, but careful, use by a person with clean hands and less than toxic sweat glands, how long does it take?

Punk style bashers, and cowboys with pickup trucks as gear transports (to include some stereotypes) might have better (quicker) results.


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have a 2003-4 Telecaster... doesn't at all look relic'd, but definitely doesn't look new at all.... to me i look at it and see that its been loved. I treat it like my baby, but I play it hard and she loves it.


My van zandt has got a thin finish. I play it a lot but till date it still looks quite new. . Its not me to abuse my gear, i just take care of my gear cos its part of my nature.

My friend told me at the rate i'm going, it will never look like a relic which is what i hope the strat would look like.

I agree with my friend but i think its ok not to abuse it. I'll keep playing it. If it happens it happens. Playing and getting better is more important that looking cool to me anyway.

I think its tough for new guitars (nitro or poly) to get the relic look unless u have some acidic sweat like Rory Gallanger, you deliberately relic it or you abuse your guitar like hell.

if ur trying to make a natural relic you've got to pepper your bloodstreams with enough toxins to create the rust and general rot.....this will properly corrode the hardware...

At the end of each gig throw the sucker on the ground and spank it a few times.....that will gitcha there..

dave s

My #1 player from '78 - '91 was a '78 LP Std. By '91, it was pretty well relic'd. Paint worn from the neck from the 2nd to the 6th frets, lots of ding's, nicks, scratches and some gouges as well. Finish wasn't checked at all because I kept it from the elements.

Hardware and pickup covers were sans chrome by then--kind of a matte finish. Binding was completely yellow from years of gigging.

It still didn't look ANYTHING like the relic job on either of my two strats! The LP was just 'ugly' from use.


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