USACG and Warmoth Compatibility/Interchangability?


Happy New Years TGPer's, first post of the year and its a doozie, anyone have experiences using a Warmoth body and fitting a USACG neck to it? Since Warmoth can custom route neck pockets on body blanks for a custom piece, I'd like to go with Tommy at USACG firstly cuz he sent the nicest e-mail back aside from my grandma, and I read around here that he uses a single rod truss rod to keep more of the wood and preserve and more "vintage" tone, not that the sound is what I'm intending to capture, but I feel great knowing there is more wood then metal in my hands! If the above was to confusing, again, I just want to know if these two companies can work together, since it'll be a conversion neck, Tommy will only cut the heal in a T-Style manner, or a squared heel, again this is not the problem, all I'd have to do is have Warmoth cut me a Tele neck pocket instead of a rounded Strat one, I mean in the end both widths at the end of the heel will be 2 3/16", but need to make sure there are NO GAPS or suffer a loss of tone and mental stability!


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I have not tried mixing and matching Warmoth and USACG parts. It may work fine but I would prefer sticking with one manufacturer for the neck and body. I do know that Warmoth uses a vintage type single trussrod for their 'total vintage' and 'vintage modern' necks. The double rod is only used for their 'Warmoth pro' necks. Good luck.


I'm in the process of finishing a 3 LB Warmoth swamp ash body and have a USACG '54 neck for it. It fits in the pocket perfectly.
USACG will not pre-drill the holes when used for another body



There should not be any problem getting a USACG neck to fit in a Warmoth pocket. I played a sweet quilt maple over mahogany Warmoth strat body with a USACG US-2 neck for a few years. No problems at all.

USACG can cut either square or rounded heel on conversion necks. I have a 23-3/4" US-2 conversion neck with a round heel. I think you are getting confused with the fingerboard end overhang, which is only available squared off on their conversion necks.

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