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USB Mic and Audio Interface

Strat O Matic

Yes, I know this is starting off like a dumb question and it might still be but here's my situation. I bought a Blue Yeti USB mic (which is still returnable, hasn't arrived yet) and I want to use it to record my voice for some guitar lesson videos with my mac and then use it with my PC as a gaming mic.

My current set up for guitar is a Fractal AX8 into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 firewire interface. (using SPDIF) Will it be possible to record my guitar with the Saffire and my voice with the Yeti at the same time into Ableton Live?

My second question is are there any audio interfaces that would allow me to plug a usb mic into them? I know that it's unnecessary but I want to use this mic for two purposes with two separate computers so being able to do this would make things much easier. I'd prefer not to use multiple interfaces to record and I'd prefer not to have to re setup my interface everything I switch computers.


IMO you'd be better off with a regular analog (XLR) mic and a simple audio interface for that second computer. Use the Focusrite on the other.

USB mics are one-trick ponies. I know of no interface that would take a USB signal in.

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