Used 2013 AVRI 56 Strat questions


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At my local GC (Vegas), they have a used '56 Strat RI (2013)on the wall for 1599. It's in perfect condition and plays like a dream. The radius does not feel vintage or cramped at all. One weird thing though, it has a 5 ply tortoise pickguard with white knobs and pup covers. As far as I can tell through research, this guitar did not come new this way. It's a great look, in fact I have built a guitar that has the exact color combo. The asking price is fair for an unmolested guitar, but I'm thinking if someone changed the pickguard they more than likely changed the pickups as well (polepieces are staggered). If this is a modified guitar and I do indeed like it, does anybody think they should be willing to come down substantially from the asking price?

Also, are the original pups in these 56's staggered, and are they RWRP?
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That doesn'tean that's it been modified it may be just the pick guard. Also the pickups are staggerd but not beveled of that helps. And they're not rwrp

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