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I just received a Stone Bender fuzz over the weekend. My amp is a JCM 800 4010 combo. Are fuzzes best used through a loud, clean amp? It is hard to get a totally clean signal with my amp so the fuzz ends up sounding too saturated and congested.

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I don't really like a fuzz into a clean amp. It can sound overly fizzy. I use a clean amp a lot, but will use another pedal to take off some of the top end from the fuzz.


i'm interested to know too. what do you guys use with your tonebenders? im using a monsterpiece mkII


Different types of fuzzes react differently to this issue... I find that Germanium fuzz faces, for example, really need to be going into an amp that's at least just breaking up, while silicon is more forgiving into a clean amp. I think Muffs and Tonebenders can get away with the clean amp thing too but my Bender (BYOC) really does sound great when my amp is breaking up more.

The Bender is going to sound really saturated no matter what... just the nature of that type of pedal. You can lower the fuzz level on the pedal, that will take some hair off; works much better than w/ fuzz faces.

I put mine between 1:00 and 3:00... all the way up if I want all out spitting fuzz. If it's saturating too much for you, the real key is backing off your guitar volume. You won't get full cleanup like with a fuzzface, but what you will get is an amazing crunchy overdrive that just kills... then max your guitar volume for all out fuzz.

Hope that helps.


It's different with different fuzzes. Many Big Muff style pedals, for example, sound best into a clean amp, and turn to mush into a distorted amp. Tone Bender type pedals do sound good into an already distorted amp. I used a Fulltone Soul Bender for years as the only pedal in my rig - I'd dial up my crunch rhythm tone at the amp, and step on the Soul Bender for leads. Even if the amp is pretty distorted, the Tone Bender will fatten up the sound for you.

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