Using a headphone input sucks the tone out of my Vox!


I have Vox Pathfinder 15R which I use for simple recording via a V8 Soundcard. Whenever I plug in my headphone to the input jack, the sound becomes so thin and brittle that I almost have to turn off the Treble knob.

Is this normal? I don't really use the headphone jack that much. I have a THR10 and it seems the sound is mucb better on headphones.


It's been a while since I had one, but based on distant memory I'm pretty that sure what you're describing is normal. The manual doesn't specifically say so, but I don't think there is any speaker simulation circuitry on the headphone out, and when that's the case the results through headphones are generally not going to be great. (Sometimes that's the case even when there is speaker simulation!) The manual does suggest that the line out, as opposed to the headphone out, may have some speaker simulation filtering applied to it, but that's not entirely clear, either, and I don't think I ever used the line out.

Your THR10 digitally models the response of guitar speakers, so not it's not surprising that it sounds better through headphones.

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