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  1. Don_Atellall

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    Feb 26, 2015
    I want to start incorporating a looper into my acoustic solo gig. I have a BOSS RC-20XL and I recently bought a Ditto X2. My setup is currently a tuner, compression pedal, looper and a LR Baggs Para DI. I seem to be fighting my levels of live sound verses my loop sound. When I make a transition from one to the other, its noticeable. At least it is to me. Is that because I am aware of the change? I am always having to adjust the looper volume up and down. Is that because of the volume to which maybe I recorded? Is this something that I will adjust to over time to "blend" the two together? Or should I be using another pedal to help this transition? Also, are there any tips or tricks that anyone uses they might want to share about using a looper in this situation? Thanks

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