Using a Pedaltrain SC. Recommend something better / stronger.


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I've been using a soft case with my PT2 for two years now. While it's easy and light to haul around, I'm starting to have more gigs/rehearsals, and I so I want something that protects better the $1600 or so of pedals.

My first thought was a Pedaltrain HC, or a HC made by some other company like Brady Cases. But then I also thought about something like a Mono Case, which is sort of in-between a SC and HC. Any thoughts from folks who "upgraded" from the SC? I'm not flying right now, and probably won't in the future.

Again, I love how light the SC is, but don't think it protects the pedals enough. And the zipper is starting to give.


I've got the hc for my pt pro and its heavy as hell! BUT, my bandmate has the hc for his pt2 and its not so bad. They're definitely solid cases and to me the protection outweighs (pun intended) the heavy weight.


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I recently found a suitcase in a Goodwill that fits my PT2 perfectly. It has a steel rim on the sides and plenty of extra space for cables in the pocket on the lid. I cut a piece of dense 3/4 inch foam to take up the little bit of extra space in the case and for a bit of cushion.

I know that this is a very un-TGP solution, but it works great and only cost me $5!


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i went from a pedaltrain softcase to a pedaltrain hard case a few years ago and i'm incredibly happy i did. if you have a board that size... when you do the math... do you really want that much money in pedals being banged around with essentially no protection at all? the hard case is worth the extra weight.

also... the hard case makes it easier to cart around extra cables in there.....

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Just got a Monocase for my Jr and it's nice.



Thanks for posting. I need to get a hard case. My soft case started ripping at one of the handles not too long ago and then just last week, one of the rings for the shoulder strap ripped off. I liked the lighter case, but given the $$$ of the pedals, it just makes sense to get a hard case.

Those Brady Cases look nice... the pic for their PT2 case has wheels and a handle on it - does that come stock? Or is that an extra fee? guess I can just email them...
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