Using Outboard Gear With M-Audio Fast Track Pro And Logic Express


I posted this over at HC too, but I wanted to run it by as many people as possible. My Fast Track Pro has 2 insert jacks on the back where you can run a send and return to use outboard gear. Here's the cable you plug into it, one jack is send and the other is return:

My question is this:

How can I get Logic Express to send a track through the outboard gear connected to my interface? On the track's output settings in Logic there are "Output 1+2", which run to my monitors I think, and "Output 3+4", which don't have anything plugged into them. There don't appear to be any other options for sending the track. How can I get Logic to recognize the Inserts jack on the Fast Track Pro? I'm running all the latest drivers if that means anything. Any help is much appreciated.

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