V-Day Slow Groove (Axe-FX)


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I've been getting into recording a little with the Axe-FX since its so easy to dial up good tones with it. I threw this together on V-Day for fun. This is my third attempt at recording with the Axe-FX. Funny story, my GF liked it so much that we had it playing on a loop while we ate a candlelight dinner she prepared. It was a neat night.

Anyway here's the clip:


Grosh Retro Classic
Axe-FX Standard
Shred Dist Drive block / Top Boost amp block / 1x12 Blues cab block

Warwick Streamer Stage I 5-string (looped)
Axe-FX Standard
SV Bass amp block / 8x10 bass cab block

EXDrummer groove with a couple of tweaked fills thrown in
Used the velocity dial a bit to raise/lower intensity

Nothing miked, no "real" amps, just straight to PC. Modern technology really amazes.

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