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V2 Amplification


Back in 2012, I held a random draw for a free build of a Phaez amp kit. The 'winner' purchased a Corona (Fendery) kit from Randy and I built it for no charge. The amp kit and cab cost around $400.

Lotto amp #1: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/phaez-v2-lotto-amp-8-watt-corona.1205507/

Well, it's time for another lotto! This one will be a bit different from the first, in that I did not build a stock Phaez model (kit). Instead, I purchased some big-ticket items from Randy Fay (punched chassis, transformers, faceplates) along with a super-secret Phaez schematic, and then I ran with it from there.

Lotto Amp #2 is a custom-designed 10-watt Phaez Jubenile. It has a unique and super-sturdy modular design with hand-built (by me) eyelet boards.

The lotto will be held on my V2Amplification FB page. I'll provide some details here in the near future.

Meet Lotto Amp #2.



And so it begins...

I'm holding a random draw for a deeply discounted amp on my Facebook page. Cost for the new, fully assembled amp head (with tubes and head cab) is $399. Check it out, or contact me for details.

• 10W Class A power amp
• single-channel preamp derived from a 2550 Silver Jubilee (w/o clean setting)
• uses EL34/6L6/6V6/KT66/KT77 without need for biasing
• special power supply eliminates single-ended amp hum
• galactic grounding*, decoupled filtering*, and DC-elevated heater wiring for quiet operation
• custom-built eyelet boards, hand-wiring, unique modular design
• premium-grade capacitors, switches, jacks, and resistors
• Phaez FX loop
• comes with full tube compliment, M-style head cabinet, gold Phaez badge

* London Power technology, TUT Guitar Amp Books




Some new amps in the works, including this 50-Watt Denogginizer (still lots of work to be done, despite its near-finished appearance). The chicken-head knobs will likely be replaced by Davies 1510 style knobs that are on order.

What do you think of the appearance?


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