Vai Live in Milwaukee 9/27/12


I know there are other Vai Live threads floating around, but I thought I'd add this comment on both the show and the venue.

Vai and his band sounded great. Tight, mix was good, and Vai tore our heads off shredding, then would bring it down to an acoustic set...creative, funny, and varied set list. You'd need to be either a guitar geek or something similar though, because it's a long show, and I'd guess after about an hour of having your face melted, it'd get old unless you are a geek like me.

Show was at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee - first time I'd been there - didn't want to go to the HOB show in Chicago tonight - I'm REALLY sick of that venue (crowded, hard to see, no where to sit, parking is $$, etc.) I know bands love to play that venue, but I hate it (and I've seen a lot of shows there). For me, Milwaukee is about the same distance, and the theater is great. Beautiful, ornate old theater, 2 balconies (we were on the floor 11th row), assigned seats for everyone, easy and free parking garage with our tickets, and because it's an old theater, I'm sure they have a Db limit, so the sound wasn't stupid loud (I've read that some dates on this tour the bass/kick was overwhelming).

The only other time I saw Vai live was in 1990 with Whitesnake. He's a true master of the instrument, and it was a great show, and I'll definatly go back to the Pabst Theater again over HOB Chicago any day.

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