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Skinny necks. Hameritis.
Well, I guess I can sort of understand the take on this, for Hamer did produce a rather large number of guitars in the early 90s with skinny necks with many of them developing the infamous "Hameritis." On the other hand, I've probably owned a dozen Hamers over the years, and the only one that shared both of these characteristics was a '93 Special.


Not many had Hameritis, I wouldn't guess on a percentage. One of my four has a touch of discoloration on the neck heel but no peeling etc. It is a 2001 Studio. And the neck is .875" at the first and around .945" at the 12th. Another is I believe a 2004 Korina Jr. It is .92" up and down the neck. I need to measure my others. My late 93's neck is medium I'd say (93 P90 Special) but not too thin. I heard by the end of 93 they were making the necks a little chunkier.

Full disclosure, I am Hfan on the Hamer forum.

Each of these two were less than $1k on CL.

Korina Jr

Minty 93 Special, won't even say how little I paid...better quality then my R8

And a Spruce topped Newport Pro with a Phat Cat and a Seth.

I also own a few CS Gibsons and some more moderately priced Gibsons as well as four Heritages and a MIJ Gretsch. These hang with them all.


I've owned a half dozen or more Flying V's over the years but my '04 Hamer Korina Vector is by far the best playing and sounding V of the bunch I've owned. The build quality is first rate and the neck is perfectly sized IMHO, not too small, not too fat. All of my other V's have moved on to new owners but the Korina Vector is still hanging at my house.;)
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