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Value of Tribute Series Fenders & Gibsons


Hi I'm looking for some opinions on how much some of these guitars are worth. A friend has all of these and is thinking of selling. I know how to use Google and ebay, but some of these guitars are really limited and its hard to know what they are worth on the used market. All guitars are unplayed condition.

Eric Clapton Blackie Strat Tribute
Jeff Beck Tele Tribute
Andy Summers Fender Tele Tribute
Eric Clapton Gibson 335 (No certificate)
Jimmy Page Gibson Les Paul JPP 3xx (no certificate)
Jimi Hendrix Gibson Flying V (no certificate)


John C

Gold Supporting Member
As you say these are pretty limited; I would suggest looking on gBase.com to see what dealers are selling them for (if they have any listed) and also getting a copy of Vintage Guitar's Bluebook. Of course there are problems with either source for getting an accurate price:

With gBase is you don't know if these are the "real" selling prices because they might still be new unsold ones listed at MAP or they could have highly inflated prices (which would explain why they aren't selling).

With the Bluebook it is pretty much outdated by the time it is published - given lead times in compiling and printing the pricing is at least 3-4 months old on the day it is released and the market could have changed.

I know CS Fenders take a price hit without the certificates so I would also think that would be the case with these Gibsons. It could be if your friend has the original reciepts for the Gibsons he might be able to get replacement certificates.

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