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Vegas guitar stores

I am in Las Vegas at the SHOT show convention. I would like to visit some guitar stores here. What do you recommend. I remember a rather controversial guy that has one but cannot remember his name and could not find it in the phone book. Please advise.


I was in Vegas in December and told a cab driver to take me to Ed Roman guitars. Dang, the place had just moved and nobody seemed to know to where... I ended up at new Guitar Centre instead. It was okay, some good amps in there, but I really wanted to go to Ed Roman's place instead - especially because of all the controversy! Be sure to call them ahead and get the correct address. I had limited time and couldn't go on another guitar shop visit while I was there.


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Yeah....Ed's new store is small, and 1 block north of the old place on Dean Martin. Haven't been in there yet. CowTown is great. AWESOME staff who's not pushy at all.

The new GC in the Towne Center mall is cool. There's also a Sam Ass next to CowTown.


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Any shops within walking distance of the strip in vegas? I'll be staying near the wynn when I am there. Pawn shops around there too?

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