Versatile, higher output pickup set that cleans up


Loving my Charvel So Cal but the Duncan Distortions are little too much of everything. They kinda push every amp into a dirty clean no matter what I do. They don't back off that well with volume.

I already have PAF sounds covered so this guitar is my hot-rodded choice. The DD's positives are thick tone (BOTH neck and bridge), decent highs (which is harder to find in a higher output setup) and MOSt importantly they split amazingly well.

Is there a versatile pickup set that leans to rock and harder rock/80s metal that can also push an amp. Maybe something with sweeter highs A2 or A5 highs that won't break the bank?

Some ideas under Consideration:
Dimarzio Air Zone or AT-1 / Air Norton - this is probably close to the EVH Set
Dimarzio Super Distortion / Super 2 or PAF (yeah, I know I said NO ceramic lol)
Dimarzio PAF Pro or PAF Pro / Fred
Seymour Duncan Full Shred / Jazz - very impressive in the DK24 models
Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz
EVH Wolfgang
EVH Frankenstein
Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat (pricey, tried my friend's and it seemed clear and punchy while being able to be tamed, however this was through a Yamaha THR10)
Bare Knuckle VHII - also tried them. Seemed more PAF with b*lls type of tone. Not sure they would be the best for splitting.

What say you?
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Dimarzio at-1/ air norton is great, clean or dirty. If you want a little brighter neck try the 36th there instead. I've been very happy with these setups in my prs.


Well the Jazz & Full Shred are all high end. I'd go for something like a 59/Custom Hybrid, and a Whole Lotta Humbucker neck, which both split well, and will push the amp, but not in a harsh way like the Distortions.
I like the '59 in the neck of my San Dimas.

Or you could go CRAZY and try a Gibson 498T/490R set. They're kinda pricey, but since you mentioned BareKnuckle....

Anyway, they do everything you're looking for. Gotta be careful with the height adjustments though, although I guess that's true of almost every pickup. These may be more finicky though.


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My $.02 on the ones you listed that I have experience with:
  • AT-1/Air Norton = nope, not for me. I've bought & installed the AT-1 three times, and every time there is this weird thing going on with the D string that makes it a no-go. I won't try that one again.
  • Fred/PAF Pro = money. Two thumbs way up.
  • Super Distortion/Super 2 = no, if you want something that cleans up well. Plus, ceramic is not typically my bag.
  • JB/Jazz = tried and true combo. Do this and you can sound like everyone else.
  • BK VHII set = a fantastic pickup set...if you want humbuckers that think they are single coils. If you are looking for something high power that cleans up, nope.
And here are some suggestions I have experience with all by my own self:
  • Suhr Aldrich/SSV = Great high output set that never gets too crazy. Highly dependent on the axe, IMO. Alive in some, vanilla in others. In my bright LP, it kills. Had them in a few superstrats, and bland.
  • BK Holy Diver set = money. Juicy, crunchy 80's goodness. One of my fav's.
  • BK Crawler set = dig 'em. Juicy, creamy 80's goodness.
  • BK Rebel Yell set = Similar to the Holy Diver, but a higher resonant freq that I don't dig as much. In a dark LP they might be cool. In a superstrat they will shave your eyebrows off.
  • Dimarzio Breed/PAF Pro = high output beefy goodness. Cleans up well. Two thumbs up.
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Run into a small, transparent sounding, preamp pedal and reduce your signal level with that.
OR lower the gain of the first stage of your amp to retain more headroom there.


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Wilde L500XL. It’s hands down one of THE greatest pickups ever made. Can be paired with almost anything; the Duncan 59n makes a very versatile companion. See the Washburn N4.

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