Sold Vertical 2x12 with Austin Speaker Works KTS60 & KTS70


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I've had this 2x12 for a number of years, and I don't recall the builder's first-name (John?) but his last name is Cruz. I don't believe he is building anymore, but anyway....

It's in excellent condition, very well-built, solid-back that uses machine-screws (nice) rather than wood screws, and is loaded with a Austin Speaker Works (ASW) KTS60 and KTS70. I believe it is all birch-plywood (I don't think it's pine, but I could be mistaken, however I don't see the typical knots in the wood as if it were pine).

It's a great sounding cab, but I simply haven't been using it, and could use the floor-space...

Dimensions: 24"W x 30"T x 11" at the top, and tapers to 12" at the bottom.

Perfect for a Mesa, Dr Z, Carol Ann, Glaswerks, Two Rock or any other head 24" or shorter. It will work with a smallbox Marshall-style head (26"), but the head will hang over the side of the cabinet 1" on each side.

I have no interest in shipping this cab, so local NJ/NY/CT/CT only, please. I travel to the 5 Boro's of NY a couple days a week, so I could possibly deliver (free) to your door. No worries, I'm not a serial-killer.

SOLD! Thank you, Rick!

NJ/NY/PA/CT Sale Only ($125 per speaker plus $100.00 for the cab).
I would gladly accept PP at point of sale (in fact, I'd prefer it, but cash works too)

*That's masking tape on the top and rear, which I'll remove if you'd like, but it helps with a closed-back cab.....

Thanks for looking!







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