Sold Very badass unique boutique. Paoletti wine Croc 201


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Not very known in the U.S. these guitars made their way into the hands on Hammett, Hetfield, Sambora, Slash, Keith Richards, Joe welsh, Phil X etc. The uniqueness of the guitar (besides the radical look and being 100% hand made) is the body wood. A 130-150 year old chestnut wine barrel. The builder Fabrizio Paoletti inherited the famous Paoletti winery and used the old wine barrel as a guitar wood after discovering the unique and awesome tone of the wood.

The sound of the guitar, I would describe as a crispier and heavier than anything Fender with humbucker would do, somewhere in the PRS realm, but better.

This guitar is the first one of the croc series, where it sports a faux croc skin (real Italian leather)

I am the original owner and bought it new couple months ago. Really itching for a Les Paul style guitar (miss my Knaggs), as all of my guitars are strats or superstrats right now.

The guitar is an absolute conversation piece for the music and non-music oriented friends. Girls love the story, it hard for me to keep them, interested in my Tom Anderson or Caparisons but the uniqueness of this guitar definitely do that.

Trade value at $3000, mainly looking for a Les Paul style guitar but will take a look at more ‘super stratie ‘ high end guitars.

Pictures are of the actual guitar.

Stratospheric Wine specs:

Body: Chestnut (130/150 years old)

Finish: Faux Croc Skin

Neck: Honduras Mahogany

Fretboard: Macassar Ebony

Frets: 22

Scale: 648mm

Pickguard: Matching croc skin etched design

Pickup: Paoletti Strat 60; Paoletti Rock Humbucker

Bridge: Paoletti Vintage Style

Machine heads: Gotoh

Pickguard: Brass

Finish: oil, with a thin layer of nitro

Certificate of Authenticity

This guitar will come with its certificate of authenticity and ships in a Paoletti Custom Hard Shell Case.

Phil X shows off one of the Stradospherics.

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Bump for a very cool guitar. I owned a Paoletti last year and eventually traded it because I'm not really a strat guy. However, it was a beast of a guitar...great tone, easy playability, and a very unique look. Craftsmanship is spot on as well. Good luck with the sale!

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