very frustrating! the amount of pickup makers out there,need SC's for strat


Jim Wagner posted this at the end of a very long, (and now misleadingly titled) thread on 7.09.05. in the pickup/effects/other section.

OK, SRs. I took them off the site last nite. I have several reasons for it.
1st, some aspects of it I just do not have the time to do it myself, and haven't yet found someone I care to farm the work out to. Just stuff like building the bobbin skeletons, taping, maybe pigtails.
All of the really important stuff like winding and potting I will probably ALWAYS do myself. Handwinding is just like a fingerprint: everyone does it different, and can't be duplicated by someone else. Believe me I've tried to show some people close to me how to do it, but no cigar. That's OK though, I like doing it, and am actually relaxed when doing it. It's damn near what I would call a form of meditation. Could be worse. I could be
2nd, I have NOT been pleased with the parts I have been getting supplied with lately. I have been having to do just way too much trim work on the flatware. Time is money. I am working on that issue, as well as a couple of others that will blow some minds.....
3rd, I am waiting on one of the magnets I use to come in, and plus I will be out for a week starting Tues. I will have pickups AND a laptop with me, so most orders will still be shipped right away while I am on the road, FROM the road. But I won't have mags for the SRs soon enough, so I took them down to avoid a backlog. I never want to be like that if I can help it.
4th. In about 45-50 days, I am going to have a magnetic suprise for everyone. This will include the SRs, but they will be a little further out than the initial thing I plan to offer.
Ya'll are gonna love it ( I hope), but I ain't sayin' no more about it.


Originally posted by Bloozcat

Kinman AvN Woodstocks - Again, made to emulate the loud, punchy 60's era Strat pickups. These are noiseless and are said by many to be Kinman's best offering to date.
Ditto on the Kinman Woodstocks. I have set. Just pulled my Kinman Hank Marvins out (they are nice too) and put the Woodstocks in and I just love them.:)

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