Verytone Dog --> Blackface?

Dave B

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Anyone with a Verytone Dog and non-Fender amp able to find a setting on the Verytone that gets you into the tonality / equalization range of a typical blackface PR or DR? I'm thinking of the signature Fender low-end bloom and high-end sheen. If so, please share your settings.

I play a mid-forward non-MV amp using a mid-90's LP Std with some vintage-powered replacement Dimarzios that provide a good bit of clarity, compared to the stock 490R/498T that came with the guitar. I'm using a Detox to clean things up, but it doesn't have the bigger bottom / crisper top of a typically clean BF Fender.

I'm wondering if I run each pedal in a loop of the Line Selector LS-2 where I combine A+B if I can do anywhere close to an approximation.

Just thinking out loud.....
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