VFE Alpha Dog... i'm lovin' it!


Senior Member
after regretfully selling off my RAT, i had to get another!

i wanted one with a little flexibility and the Alpha Dog seemed to take the cake, as far as features.

although i don't like the name, the pedal sounds amazing.
i can get SO many tones out of it.
Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive...

the ONE thing it can't do is a clean boost. but i wasn't expecting it to.
what's nice is the size, which allows me to expand my pedalboard after getting rid of the RAT.

EVERY knob is useful. the FAT knob comes in handy to beef up the lower-drive settings i played with.

all in all, i'm lovin' it.


Silver Supporting Member
Great pedal! Sure it does a clean boost, but not a transparent one. Mine is doing a reasonable substitution for the Soul Food while my SF is in for the JHS mod.

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