VFE The Triplet v2


This thing is awesome. I might have to put this one on my board. For those of you who like Octavias but don't use them that much, this one is cool. The Distortion by itself is great and you can adjust how much octave you want. The compressor ties everything together.


Kalalau Hiker

Silver Supporting Member
really liking the sounds here, and playing as always Mike! the eastern slurred work is VERY nice. I was excited about the possibility of endless sustain w the octave on for hindi improvs, and when looking back on the vid noticed that you were using an ebow for that part. also noticed the gain that "Controls the output of the compressor circuit into the rest of the circuit." was never set past 3:00 in the vid so wondering how close to endless sustain the compression gets when full on?

I already have the BE Crystal Dagger (which I love and got mainly on the capacities displayed on your to excellent demos of that)
and am wondering if this would be redundant?

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