VH/ADKOT first full listen


Sorry for yet another VH thread, but I had to post this.

I just listened to the whole record and I am definitely impressed. I'm an old school fan and I admit that I got caught up in the "missing mike" debate, but let me tell you...... this album has a fire and energy that I haven't heard from Ed in a loooooong time. Wow, Pete was right on the money. Man, Eddie has life again and I'm hearing some fresh licks along with some old school stuff that I haven't heard in a while.

This has to be Wolfie's influence. Right on young pup! You gave pops a little kick in the butt and infused the band with some youthful energy. Fantastic!

I would love to know what amps/guitars were used for each particular track because I could swear I'm hearing an old plexi in some parts.

Might be wishful thinking, but anyway, I pretty excited right now. This album rocks!



I've heard it too, and I agree. ADKOT makes me HAPPY when I listen to it, and THAT is what VH releases DO when Dave's in the band. For my money, the "Six Pack" is now the "Heavenly Seven". I wasn't bothered that Wolfie in the Bass slot instead of Mikey...I was actually excited about it, and Young Mr. VH has definitely earned his paycheck on the new CD!


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I'm listening to it right now. I'm digging it. Honeybabysweetiedoll is awesome. Sounds like it could have been on WACF and fit right in. Stay Frosty and Big River are also killer. Eddie sounds as good as ever. I like all of it.
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My ONLY gripe with the album so far (and I'm ridiculously excited over it) is the amount of gain Eddie's using. Sounds a little too thick, needs to be backed off a bit; sounds like he's using ch3 on the 5150 III instead of ch2 like he said he was partial to. i.e. more modern than classic.
Other than that, I'm buying at lunch on Tuesday. Blows away anything I've heard from CF. I hope there's more to come from this lineup as it's going to be a winner.


The CD quality is a lot better than the preview stuff released on the Internet too. Dave's voice does not seem so distant from the rest of the track like in the previews. It's nice.

@Bucksears, the event on 2/1, Eddie played on Channel 3.


Did they redo "Big Trouble" in some way on this new album?

Edit: never mind - it's "Big River" - sounds... interesting :)

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