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Sold Vht 2/90/2 poweramp. Great with synergy gear SOLD


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SOLD I bought a vht (fryette) 2/90/2 poweramp a while ago and just never use it. It's unlikely I will ever be able to really put it to work so I need to sell it. This is one of the legendary tube poweramps.

It's a heavy thing and will cost me a lot to ship.

USA only.

Will ship in a rack case.

1100.00 PayPal. I'm open to trades+cash-- 80s shredder guitars, od/boost/eq pedals, synergy/Randall stuff, but mostly cash.
Pictures forthcoming--I wanted to get it listed tonight while I'm thinking about it. PM me if interested. 20201024_102538_HDR.jpg 20201024_102538_HDR.jpg 20201024_102543_HDR.jpg 20201024_102606_HDR.jpg 20201024_102614.jpg
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