Sold Vibronaut, Zendrive

Funky Monkey

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All have been gigged but are in perfect working order, 100% smoke free and never abused. All but the MVP have two strips of CLEAN Dual Lock on the bottom that I will leave on unless you tell me you don't want it...then I'll remove it without a trace.

Prices include USPS Priority to lower 48. PayPal okay but please consider using gift or offsetting the fee. Sorry, there simply isn't anything that I can think of right now that I could use in trade.

· Lovepedal Vibronaut, $139. SOLD. SNS from October ‘15. Not a blem, 2nd or one-off. "Scratches" were part of the finish.

· Hermida Zendrive, $139. SOLD. Lovepedal-made, standard issue from August ’16. Not a blem, 2nd or one-off.
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