Victoria 50212 or Jim Kelley


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So I'm currently putting some cash together for a new amp. I look at and gas for so many different amps that I recently bought a Fryette power station to try and narrow down the search to a higher wattage amp that I can tame with the PS.

I've been really considering a higher powered Victoria as I've always been intrigued by tweeds and loved everyone I've played. I'm thinking that it'll deliver warm, sweet clean tones and also drive into lovely goodness when cranked.

As I was pondering on this I thought of that bonamassa lead tone he gets out of the Kelley in the recent Suhr vid, which is pretty mind blowing. The Kelley seems to be able to deliver that awesome cranked tight midrangey overdrive that I'm drawn to in a higher powered Victoria.

So for those who've played both, or anyone really... What are your thoughts?


Tone is Paramount
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Actually, I have played both… To my ears, the Kelley is what I like for tones more than the tweed twin…It's just personal preference… Mine sounded just like Joe's (with me playing it).. He and I have a similar guitar style.. they are both wonderful amps but I have to say that Jim Kelley (and John Suhr) have taken the Fender tones up to a higher level of sound and workmanship

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