Sold *VIDEO ADDED* Cutthroat Audio Little Wing; 6G1 Brown Champ 5 Watts

Ron W

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If you read the title and said "Wait a minute, they never made a Brown Champ, there's no such thing as a 6G1", you would be correct. But there should have been! That's where the Little Wing enters the picture, its the 6G1 Brown Champ that Leo should have built.

The Little Wing 6G1 is a 5 watt amp with an 8" Alnico speaker that delivers some killer classic rock tones as well as some very nice cleans. Like the 6G3 Down Brownie and the 6G2 Penguin -Amp, Little Wing has some very cool features and uses the same high quality components. Mercury Magnetics iron, Custom BFG cab, Weber Vintage Series Alnico speaker, SoZo Blue & Mustard Vintage caps, F&T, Sprague filter caps, carbon comps, etc. All the good stuff!

How does it sound? Like a Brown Champ would've/should've; it really gives up the goods when cranked. Clips will be available soon, so early adopters will have to take it on faith. But if you don't totally dig this little guy, send it back. I'll even cover the return shipping.

A full and complete description of the Little Wing can be found HERE.

$1595 + shipping. Please PM me with any questions or comments. Thanks for looking.



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Hi Ron, Those "Little Wing" demos sound real good. One of the things I love about my "Down Brownie" is that it's dead quiet at idle.
I will be buying a Little Wing soon!