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VIDEO CLIPS - Electroplex rocket 42 (quad 6v6 amps) 4x10 & 1x12 amps - stellar tone


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I had another opportunity to visit Fullerton, California’s Rocket Scientist, Don Morris, from Electroplex Amplifiers today.

Don is at it again doing some very nice tonal shaping to his new Rocket 42 amp that hosts a quad of 6V6 tubes delivering some very chimey woody tones. I have always been a 6L6 lover but Don has definitely seduced me, won me over, to the rich and chimey side of the 6V6’s he has designed for usage in his new Rocket 42 Amp

The first clip is one of Don’s rocket 42 amps in a 4X10 configuration, pine cab, reissue, Jensen P10R’s. Nice huge tone, the combo cab just envelops/fills the whole room with such an ambience of chime and sparkle it will make any grown man’s knees start to quiver, yes it is that good. For a low end recoding, the clip captures the texture/tone of the amp, in person the amp was spellbinding, but the clip is what it is, to give somewhat of an idea of what the amp sounds like. This amp rivals any bassman style amp I have ever owned or heard, nothing comes close. That being said it is more then just a bassman style amp, take a listen to the clip below.

Here is the clip of the 4X10 amp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-9bwdtD3Fg

The second clip is a Rocket 42 1X12 combo, in a Baltic birch cab. I did not hear the one in the clip, but another amp loaded with an Alnico 12, that sounded dazzling, more articulate then what the clip below captured. I was surprised, taken back, by the fullness of the tone. Same chime, dynamics I heard in the 4x10. The 1X12 combo had a very pleasing tight tone/sound/grind in the overdrive. I have never heard a 1X12 combo fill up a room so nicely. Again, another low end/clip recording. These 6V6 amps both utilizing Alnico speakers were absolutely amazing.

Here is the clip of the 1X12 combo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzdktIv8GpM

What to do? I have one of Don’s 4X10 42’s. The economy still sucks, like a lot of other people, struggling to survive the ride. I did what any self-respecting musician would do; I ordered one of Don’s 1X12 combos. I have been able to move a few things and will figure out the rest, beans and rice in the diet for a while, definitely worth the sacrifice. I was so smitten by the tone of these amps and have never heard anything so unique so packed with tone, it was a no-brainer, I seized the opportunity. This new Rocket 42 is in a league of its own, nothing and I mean nothing, nothing captures the tone of the new Rocket 42 amp. These amps need to be auditioned live to fully appreciate what they do.

Here are a couple photos, my 4X10 and Don’s 1X12. You amaze me Don-----Thanks.

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Hand of Doom

That 4x10 sounds good.

Does anyone know what model was at the Dallas Crossroads fest in 04? That was one bad ass amp! I played through a lot of amps that day and it was a stand out.
Regarding the Dallas Crossroads fest do you recall if it was a combo or a head/cab? About that time I loaned a Rocket 35 2x10 combo to Yamaha for a show in Texas--palomino brown tolex with gold grill.
If it was a head/cab (blond tolex w/ burgundy grill?), it probably was a customer's Rocket 50.
At that time I was out of production, but still supporting artists and shows.

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