VIDEO: Hot Rod Deville 212, through Strat, 335, Tele, P90 PRS!



I traded TGP bro "Jason UP" my Blackheart rig for this DeVille this weekend, so it's NEW AMP DAY!

I put the new amp, a 1996 Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 through its paces with the following gear:

Fender Stratocaster: Mean90/S/S
Epiphone Dot Studio: Gibson Burstbucker Pros
SX STL50 (Telecaster): stock ceramics!
PRS SE Soapbar: stock PRS soapbar P90s

The pedal used is a BOSS DS-1 with the Monte Allums Rectifier mod. I find that it gives more of a Marshall JCM 800 sound than a Mesa Rectifier sound.

I choose to run a dirt pedal into the Clean channel rather than use the Drive channel (or the "More Drive" channel :rotflmao ) because the Drive channel loses a lot of the bass response that the Clean channel has. As you can hear, the drive tones here are very cool and likable.


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