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Vinnie Vincent $250 CD!!!


This guy is totally delusional.

Speedball Jamm — previously issued under the title Archives Volume 1 — has been described as “a single 70-minute track of blistering guitarmageddon.” According to Rarebird’s Rock And Roll Nest, the song “is divided into ten not-very-distinct parts. It’s a subterranean-sounding recording of Vinnie jamming endlessly on a lead guitar at high speed, sometimes solo, sometimes with the accompaniment of bass and drums....
...But unless you view Vinnie as a legend on the level of either one of those guys, then you probably won’t want to listen to him strutting his stuff for over an hour straight – and, because this is a one-track CD, you’ll be in it for the long haul. If a future reissue of "Speedball Jamm" presents the different parts as tracks that can be programmed or separated, then simply playing Speedball I and II would give you a more condensed portion that would sum things up well enough in less than half-an-hour. “Shredd 2” and “Speedball V” also are likely to grab your attention. But only fervent worshippers of the Ankh Warrior are likely to want to listen to this exhausting Metal Machine Music-sized metal heap in one sitting"


Platinum Supporting Member
Ahhhh listening to the guitar stylings of one of the true greats.
Unencumbered for the most part, of the nasty drums, bass, and vocals I so despise.
Set the noodle controls to the red, and sign me up.

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