Vintage '65 BF Twin Reverb For only $500?


I was just cruising local Craigslist and saw this '65 BFTR for only $500. Is that what these are really going for these days?

Do you think it's just the person needs money? Actually priced to move? Or, are they that undesirable because of their size? I wish I didn't already have one, or I'd snag it. Looks to be in really good condition too.

What do y'all think?
^^^that little black and silver label on the right of the back panel will give you the year of manufacture...the bottom line....two from 1951 through March, 1967 the first letter is the year and the second letter is the month. A = 1990, B = 1991, etc. A thru L for the months.
Other clues...the serial number label on the left, The CSA label on the right, just the whole back panel.

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