Sold VINTAGE B.K. Butler Tube Works Real Tube Overdrive


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Up for sale is an Tube Works Real Tube Overdrive designed by famed pedal expert B.K. Butler, who's also known for the Tube Driver (loved by Eric Johnson and David Gilmour). Real 12ax7 tube in it. Lots of tonal flexibility with the 3-band EQ. And tons of power and headroom. Sounds amazing and will be a great addition for Christmas.

$100 + $10 shipping (SOLD)

I only sell to the 48 CONUS, so don't ask. Returns are only accepted up to 7 days after receipt, with proof of a technical issue with the amp. In this case, the buyer pays shipping back.




Here are some more details:

TUBE floor- mounted overdrive/preamp.

While virtually all other overdrive and simulated tube effects today rely upon cheap solid-state components for their bogus, imitated tube sound, REAL TUBE delivers what the name implies - real tube sound from the classic 12AX7A twin triode tube! All the warmth and tonality that have made tube amps the #1 choice of professional musicians the world over is yours with the REAL TUBE. APPLICATIONS-REAL TUBE adds a second TUBE channel to any amp. Even small, inexpensive practice amps really sound great with REAL TUBE. A Marshall or other all tube amp sound unbelievable when hotrodded with a REAL TUBE. USING REAL TUBE-The E.Q. Section has been carefully tuned for today's playing styles. Full, rich overdrive distortion, yet clean enough to still hear chords somehow ... REAL TUBE has it all. Start with the E.Q. Controls on “5” and the Drive and Output set to 2 or 3. Then use your ears to set the quality of sound you're looking for, from current to classic: warm to scorching.
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