Sold Vintage Electro Voice EVM 12L's - clean matched pair *SOLD*


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Offered for sale is a pair of pristine EVM 12L's in 100% original condition. Perfect cones, spider, surround, gaskets, etc. No voice coil rub, no repairs, no issues. Just a little dust on the cones to prevent the term "mint" from being used.

8 ohm, 200 watt power handling.

Date codes on magnet look to be the 49th week of 1982 so these are the very earliest version of the 12L. Codes on cones are 45th week of 1982.

Many consider these early 12L's to be the very best version of EV's for guitar, being a little more musical and sweeter and not as sterile as later versions when they increased power handling to 300 watts. For Boogie or Dumble style amps, these are the benchmark drivers that all others are compared to.

These came out of an EV TL806D enclosure from a local university where it spent its entire life in a lecture hall as part of the PA system. So no beer spills, no heavy metal blasting through them, just a professor teaching students and maybe the occasional musical performance or audio from a CD or DVD. I was the first to remove them from the cabinet since new.

Bench tested with sweeps with zero issues or artifacts. They both read 6.5 ohms.

The new EVM 12L "Classic" is available from Sweetwater for $249 (MSRP is $533!), making these clean, vintage, originals a bargain by comparison.

$195 each or $375 for the pair


Thanks for looking. Part trades considered.
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Very nice. I have some of these in some amps right now. I love these speakers :)

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