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Vintage Fender 4x12 cab question


Anyone familiar with some of the older 70s era Fender 4x12s? I'm borrowing my Dad's right now. 4-12 CB model. It's a pretty nice cab. Slightly smaller than usual 4x12s. I have couple questions that I couldn't find any info on here or anywhere on the net.

The cab has two jacks on the rear. Stereo cab? The info plate says it's a 4-12 CB model, speaker impedance 32 ohms, total impedance 8 ohms.

So, I know they are all 8ohm speakers - that's the easy part. I measured both the output jacks with my DMM to make sure I was plugging into the right one. This is my main question. I measured roughly 9 ohms (+/- .1). Usually, other 8 ohm cabs that I've measured are somewhere in the 6.6-7 ohm range. Does this seem right? The cab sounds phenomenal - I just want to be double sure. Anyone have any other info on these era 4-12s? Thanks in advance.

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