Vintage Fuzz Face help please!!!!


Hi Guys, I'm really hoping someone can help.

I collect vintage Fuzz Face pedals and recently got my hands on a strange one. It's branded 'CBS/Arbiter Ltd' and basically I'm looking for some info on it. Pretty much all Fuzz Face websites reference these in the history of the pedal but none have any detail - probably due to being quite rare. My guess is they were only in production a short time before changing the name to 'Dallas Arbiter England' for the final run before stopping production in 75/76.

I know it came from the 70's but does anyone know the date range of these ones? Also any other info would be greatly appreciated as I'm drawing blanks.

I spoke to Denis Cornell and he said they should have been BC108 FF's but basically they used whatever transistors they could get for the lowest price so this explains why mine has 2N3392 transistors. I have managed to find images of 2 others on the internet and one of these also has 2N3392 trannys with the other one having BC109 in.

Does anyone know anything about them????????

Oh and I've spoken via email to Analog Mike, Dave Fox, Roger Mayer and Denis Cornell and whilst Denis had the above info, none could shed any more light other than it was post Hendrix.
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