Vintage Guitar Challenge For the Smart Guys Here

Jake Tea

I'm not even sure if vintage is the right word for this, I'll just say old. I've got this old acoustic, I was guessing either the 1930's or 1950's. I'll post pictures soon, it has absolutely no form of identification other than a number "4" placed randomly on it. No serial number, no name at the top of the head, in fact it looks there was at one time but it's been removed or something. There's no sticker inside, it looks cool (Or at least I thought so.) but it sounds like absolute crap with the old strings on it, not a big deal just complaining because I didn't feel like driving out to grab new ones for it yet. I want to know more about it first. It doesn't have a completed set of tuning knobs, there is six of them, but they're sticking through holes at the top without a washer & nut, I was just wondering if any companies did that on purpose or the last owner was just an idiot and removed them for some reason. It's got a kind of rectangle shaped tail piece on it, the only guitar that I could find that looks like it was the Gallatone Champion that John Lennon played. It's got a little pickguard, two strap nuts, and a curvey bottom of the fret board instead of just stopping as a rectangle. Back to the subject of the tuners, they're plastic. Hard as a bugger to turn, the nut seemed fine and it's not a huge guitar body. No little scoop deal, I didn't count but I think it joins the fret board at 21 on both sides. I will get pictures up as soon as possible. :huh

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