Vintage Harmony semisolid construction?


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I'm curious about the construction details of the 1960s era Harmony/Silvertone semisolid electrics - the thin bodied ones that look like solid bodies (not the F-hole ones). Anyone know what woods were used and other details (like how they're braced, how thick the wood is, do they have a center block, etc.) Do most of them have an adjustable truss rod? Any sources for details about them? Any details on pickups? Thanks!


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The ones I've had have been fully hollow inside. Most if not all should have a "Stell Reinforced Neck" instead of an adjustable truss rod.


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You're talking about Stratotones. They are indeed almost completely hollow. The back and sides are a 3 ply 5/32" laminate. If you're going to build one you can find similar plywood at the hobby store. It might be Birch or Maple. ...or both.
The top laminate is pretty thin, essentially a veneer. The sides are bent and the top and back are glued on with kerfing.
There is a 1" by 4" block under the bridge and a similar block at the butt end.
If you draw a line on the guitar perpendicular to the neck about 1 inch into the body as measured from the heel, that's where the internal heel block sits.
The bolt on neck is Poplar (3 big wood screws) and most have non-adjustable truss rods. Pickups were always Dearmond. The first came with "hershey bars" and depending on model and year, there were several variations.

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