Vintage Jag, Strymon Flint, BigSky, Fuzz and 3 beautiful songs :)


So, my long-time friend and I have just made a little 3 track EP under the name 'Whispering Knights'.

He's got the most stunning voice I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, and he's a beautifully talented acoustic player too.

I did the bass, drum programming and all of the electric guitars. I got some gorgeous tones for this EP.

I used a Gretsch Silver Falcon and a 1965 Fender Jaguar into a load of pedals (most prominent ones being a Strymon Flint & Big Sky), into a Marshall Silver Jubilee & Orange AD30 run in stereo.

Lots of double tracking, some real thick sounds, and I guarantee - this EP will take you on a journey.

Just put on some good headphones and close your eyes. You won't be disappointed. Promise.


Had time for the first one... very well crafted and executed... (and did deliver the fuzz there at the end...! ;) )

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