vintage Schecter parts source?


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I recently fell in love with, and purchased, a vintage Schecter strat copy... probably the original California era. It has one problem, though... the whammy bar is missing. And the bridge assembly is a unique Schecter part - beautifully engineered and made, but non-standard.


As you can see, it takes some sort of insert into the hole. But the hole itself is actually pretty shallow... there's a part of the fulcrum assembly underneath it, so I can't just put a Floyd Rose assembly in there (I don't know if it would fit diameter-wise either, but it's definitely too deep).

I'd much prefer to find a matching bar, rather than replacing the whole bridge. For one thing, I'd like it to be sort-of stock. For another, the bridge is built like a Swiss watch - the two screws are actually a baseplate for a full-width knife-edge fulcrum. You can hear the great bridge contact in the tone.

So, anyone got any leads on dealers who might have ancient Schecter parts? I doubt I'm going to find this at the current Schecter shop!


good luck, I've been looking for a bar for my old Schecter strat for 7 years now

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I'm almost positive those bridges were made by Schaller for Schecter. The 1980s-era Ernie Ball/Music Man Silhouettes used the same trem bridge but their version was either plain or had the "Schaller" logo on that bar that has the "Schecter" logo on your guitar. It seems like EBMM was the last company to really use that bridge as Schecter didn't use them once they were sold and moved back to California (from Dallas) in early 1987.

I know EBMM helped someone refurbish a 1986/87 Silhouette with that bridge; if Schaller can't furnish parts maybe Ernie Ball could tip you off on somewhere to find spare partss.

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