Vintage Slothead Martin O-18


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Anybody with experience with these? Yes, I'll ask over at the Martin forum too, but at least I'm familiar with most of you guys here.

There is a beater from the 20's that I'm considering as a different voice to my old Gibson L-00 and J-45. Let me know what you think.



In the late 70s, when they were unpopular and cheap (everyone wanted a D), I bought a '22 0-18 at Elderly. Best parlor guitar I've ever played. In fact, it was one of the very best acoustic guitars I've ever played. Sound was surprisingly big but very sweet and balanced. It held its own in an old timely blues band that included a tuba and a trombone.

The build quality was unbelievable -- walnut binding. And the V-neck -- the first I'd ever played -- was like a little trip to heaven. All my guitars, electric and acoustic, have them now.

It was smashed in an accident. I've shopped, on and off over the years, for another but haven't ever found one that spoke to me like that one.

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