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I've got a vintage sound amp vintage 85 for sale. It's a blackface fender twin clone with some great upgrades. I'm looking to keep this to a local sale for now, no shipping, and no trades. I live in the Denver, CO area. Here are the specs...

Lacquered Tweed w/ Oxblood Grill cloth
Two 12 inch Weber California Speakers
channel #1 re-voiced as a Brown Face/ Black Face with added reverb & Tremolo and a Diaz Tremolo mod.
Dwell knob for an additional reverb adjustment(on rear panel)
Ruby 6l6 tubes
Tilt legs
Foot switch
Amp cover from Vintage Sound Amps.

I also had a half power switch installed by the builder of this amp. Flipping the switch cuts the power from 85 watts to 42.5 watts. Nice if you are playing a smaller gig.

I just replaced/biased the tubes with a set of ruby 6l6 tubes. The amp is in great shape, only been to one gig since I've owned it.

I'm not sure how to post pictures, here is my craigslist ad for pics.

Price is SOLD!
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If you decide to ship , let me know..thanks

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