Vintage Vibrolux Reverb Project

So i have 1964 vibrolux reverb (im pretty sure the year is right, any help is appreciated) . My neighbor just gave it to me, because my neighbors are seriously the most amazing people, and love the young music house down the road. So that was awesome. I think all internal components are original.

It has no faceplate, reverb tank, footswitch, and grill cloth.

It also did not come with the ORIGINAL, speakers, or baffle board.

I want to make this thing awesome!!!

What reverb tank should i put in it? I did some research and dont really know whats best.

What speakers should i put in it? The baffle looks like very crappy ply would with no cloth, dont know what i should do about that either.

Im also having a hard time finding a faceplate that isn't 75bucks. ill pay it if thats the only place.

Any help would be great!


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It would be good to get something that lets you turn up and let it sing without blowing a speaker.


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Take your time. Invest some money, as it will be well spent. Do it right

Reverb tank is Accutronics 4AB3C1B. You need a reverb tank bag as well, along with cable.

I would buy a pre-made baffle board with grill cloth installed. Weber 10F150's sound fantastic in a Vibrolux

Get the chassis checked out and restored by a tech


Yeah, this is an amp you want to take your time with and do it right.

Rogers Amplification is a good place to start.


I love amps like that, most of my vintage collection was bought for cheap as abused and underprivileged victims of one sort or another.

For me, it always allowed me to shape the amp visually and sonically the way I thought it should have been done, or the way it would sound best to me since it was already hacked to some extent when I got it in.
I prefer them that way (much cheaper to buy), always have.

It seems (IMO only) to me to be a colossal waste of time to take such an amp and go buy all the stuff piece by piece to make it look and sound just like all the others out there, and one you could just go buy since they all look just like what you're going to do.

If I were you, I would make a 3-10 or 4-10 combo out of that thing with not a moments hesitation and use some cool tolex color that YOU like...a beast in such a condition as yours is begging you to own it, not follow the masses like a lemming out to sea, but to make it yours.

Here's a few pics of amps that came to me as dogs and I redid them the way I wanted to.
All of them were your standard boring-ass black and silver BF or SF Fender amps that someone dogged down and I got them for waaaay cheap over the years.

You don't have to like mine or what I did, but I would just say have an open mind just for a minute, the possibilities are wide open to you right now with what you can do with it.

I had a local tech do all the work for me, and I did all the cosmetics, everything, including new baffles, gluing the falling apart cabs back together, was a hellu lot of fun.

Someone had made this Super into a 2-10 combo and did a nasty-cheap job of it. Screams now and I love it in Gold.
Notice the faceplate looks kind of amber, like it matches the gold sparkle grille? Yeah, I sprayed it like that and love it.

This Bassman was hacked up with a bunch of Dan Torres mods back in the '80's.
I cleaned it up and re-did it in rough white and Oxblood grille.
Same cosmetics for the Deluxe Reverb below it, which I also made into a 2-10 DR while I was at it.

The Twin was a nightmare, a complete mess, and I re-did it in Marshall White Elephant w/ Gold Sparkle grille and a repro BF faceplate.
Loved that damn thing, sold it many years ago tho...

Another victim of the '80's, now redone in Snakeskin and black grille with an EV SRO coffee-can alnico speaker.
This amp ROCKS.

thanks for all the help!!!!! I dont want to mess up the value of the amp too, now as far as sprucing up the cosmetics can you hurt the value of the amp. I will probably keep the look aged but clean? This thing sounds so good through my port city 1x12os with Jensen Tornado. Im going to try and post pics and videos as it comes along, but i dont know how to post pictures here, i dont have facebook to pull urls from.

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