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Vinyl? Really?


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I don’t get the whole vinyl thing. I mean, how many still have turntables? Not to mention the scratching, skipping and the maintenance to keep one up.
I don’t understand bands offering this format and forgoing CDs? Some even have cassettes! I know there are purist and collectors, but looks like they’d wanna sell as much product as possible in this age of mobility. To offer vinyl only seems very limiting.
I’m saying this as one of my fav bands just released a vinyl only album. I’m not going to buy a turntable.


Turntables are available all over.

But I'm with you. Having actually owned an 8 Track...(don't do the math)...

Vinyl, Casettes, 8 Track, Reel-to-reel....Eff all that. I was there when everything new new happened (Except Reel/Vinyl/8 Track). If the latest would have sounded crappy, I would not have move to it.

I think this is all just nostalgia hype for the foolish and romantic. Between current digital tech and processing, and a decent eq add-in. Pffft.

Buy the album for the cover if that's your thing. don't tell me (and my old abused ears) it sounds better.

That album will be out on digital soon enough. Just wait.


I have some friends who appreciate vinyl, a drink, and comfy chair next to their fireplaces (I use my phone and connected bluetooth speaker on top of the broken vintage record console).

I think a big part of the fandom is the full sensory experience, from being deliberate to what music you choose, appreciating the memorabilia, listening to a full album completely, and quiet time with the crackles of both fire and record, etc.

At the end of the night, it's a good technique to wind down from the day. I'm not much of a collector, but have come to understand the allure of low tech, high mindfulness that records can provide in our high tech, high static environments of society.


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I recently bought a turntable and have been enjoying new and old vinyl.
There's something about looking at the album cover, pulling the record out of the sleeve, dropping the needle.
Love it.
I also use a cassette/cd player in the garage.
Bought a turntable for my gf's 12 yo last year, and have built up her album collection. She loves playing her records.

Edited to say, bands that offer vinyl and cassette are smart. They're actually making $ from music purchases. The second something is on cd or in digital format, it's available to download for free. By offering something tactile, a bit more special than an mp3, bands are giving something kind of special to their fans, and making $.
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It's a preferred format for many. There's an experience attached to the pulling it out of the sleeve, dropping the needle, reading the liner notes, etc. It's also an opportunity to support the artist. Digital music services has killed income on recorded material for bands so bands with a loyal fanbase look for other income streams to pay for the production. Additionally there's an argument that the analog playback mechanism [needle, tone arm, preamp] can produce a different aural experience than digital formats. As others have said, to each their own. Maybe your favorite band was tired of you [and thousands of others] streaming their content on Spotify and getting paid < $10 a month.


I have a small collection of some of my favorite albums on vinyl. Either original pressings or 180 gram reissues. It’s nice to relax and just focus on the music, one record at a time. When I want convenience I just stream from Apple Music. Most of it is in a lossless format now. CDs were all sold or donated years ago…


Vinyl through a tube pre-amp is other-worldly good. You have no idea what you are missing, OP. It's absolutely better than any MP3, even high bitrate. This is coming from an MP3 only guy too (I have no vinyl but have heard in person how good it can sound).


For me it’s the way some of the music I like was meant to be heard for example the early Beatles records in Mono, the Beatles themselves approved of the mono mixes but were absent from the mixing of stereo, also I like the album art, liner notes and the experience of listening on vinyl ( flipping it over etc..) though for me it’s not nostalgia as I was born in 96


I don’t care if people like vinyl or which medium is producing the sound provided it’s good. I understand the sentimental view of those who like full size album covers, etc. but I was a bit surprised when my 25 year old daughter started getting vinyl records and her boyfriend bought her a turntable for her birthday. I did not see that coming!


I think part of the appeal may be that the physical object, and the unique device that plays it, pulls the listening experience out of the firehose of digital media that we’re all drowning at the mouth of, and puts it in its own dedicated (maybe even semi-sacred?) space.

I can’t be bothered most of the time, though I do have a turntable and dozens of ancient records—Spotify is just too easy. But when I do put a record on, I recognize that it’s a different and quite pleasurable experience.

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