Virgil Arlo Pickups


Allen Hinds endorses these highly and his demos are pretty convincing. He is an elite player so allot of it is his articulation I'm sure. Any of you folks had any 1st hand experience with these pickups? They are pretty high end and I wouldn't what to lay out that kinda cash without allot more convincing. Thanks
I love them. I have an HSS configuration in a guitar that started its life as an American Deluxe Strat. I'm a full-time working musician on a seriously tight budget and this is the only guitar I use, so it's important to have great, versatile pickups. I primarily live in the soul/funk/blues/rock world, and I get incredible performance out of these pickups everywhere from crystal clean (including the PAF) into hairy overdrive. I also learned about them originally from Allen Hinds. I always love supporting independent craftsmen, too, so that's another factor for me.

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