Virgil Arlo Pickups


A buddy of mine bought one Arlo for the neck in his strat. The middle position is a Fralin Blues Special and the bridge is a Tom Anderson forget which one. I have listened to many strat Pups and this Arlo thing is just magical. Shimmer for days very strident and articulate. Words can not describe how this thing sounds. Combined with the Fralin the image is just huge with every note being right there. They are pricey but if you have the ching it is well worth it.


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While I've not tried the Arlo's, one thing I've noticed about Strat pickups is the trend for them to sound best when they find the right wood. I've flipped pickup sets around several Strats and the same set can sound great in one Strat and not so great in another. So, ultimately, I think pickups are a bit of a crap shoot. My best sounding guitars tend to be the one's I found by running the racks.

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