Sold Virtually new Axe FX II XL+!!


I can haz virgins?
Well, I have only had it a few weeks, and out of nowhere, we need some extensive remodeling on this lovely 50 year old house!! I cannot seem to get ahead! It seems to always be "something"..I suspect I am not the only one..

So, I am going to be posting things all over the internet raising capitol! Probably even going to have to sell my beloved .260Rem long gun :(

This unit will be packed and shipped in its original boxes from Tom @ Fractal, I am sure gonna miss the Quantum Firmware!!! UPS comes to my work everyday, so that is how I ship.

This has been by far, my favorite "guitar box" as my daughter calls it. But, eventually I hope to get another.

I need to sell this fast: sold shipped in CONUS.

I did ship my first AXE II to a forumite in Austrailia, but I really don't wanna go thru that was crazy nerve racking..but it made it fine..just scared the hell out of me doing international.

I shipped my other to our beloved Singtall here on the boards. So I have sold some pretty expensive things here, and of course I am 100% perfect here, on ebay, over at the other forums I frequent like so have no fear..

I am probably going to be without power here at my house for most of the day tomorrow, but I will try to learn how to check pm's with my phone.

C'mon fellas, help a brutha out!
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